“Fig Varieties: A Monograph”

To download a PDF version of “Fig Varieties: A Monograph” by Ira Condit (Hilgardia, February 1955), please click the first link in Websites on the right toolbar. In February 2007, kiwibob completed a scanned version of this definitive work by Ira Condit. Originally available for download through the “California Agriculture” website in April 2007, that link has become archived in their website so it is provided here for easy download. Please note there are still minor typographical errors in this version but they don’t affect the overall intent of the publication.

Fig Variety Photographic Identification Project:

In 2007 I wrote a proposal to create a Fig Variety Photographic Identification database that would allow people to identify their Fig varieties through photographs instead of written words. If you have a number of known Fig varieties in your collection and would like to help with this project, please contact me via the e-mail address on page 1.

The following photographs are all of Breba crop Figs except where noted as Main crop and “Gillette” which is a Caprifig of the Profichi crop. All photographs are 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12″ x 12″) actual size, using a Limestone or Travertine stone tile as the background.

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