Prior to January 1993, Editor Michael Pilarski of Friends of the Trees had issued Actinidia Enthusiasts Newsletters 1-5.  1993 marked the release of the newly named “Kiwifruit Enthusiasts Journal Vol.#6” with kiwibob as assistant editor.  In May of 2000, kiwibob started collecting information and photographs for the production of KEJ#7.  This new volume of the Journal will be produced digitally and hopefully issued in CD-ROM version when complete.  KEJ#7 will focus on diversity of the Actinidia genus as well as diversity within the individual species.  Your contributions of relevant research, practical information regarding Actinidia growing, and photographs are much welcomed.  Please send your submittals to the e-mail address on the Home page of my primary website.

One of the major goals of KEJ is to make Actinidia plant material available to all who want it.  If you have an Actinidia plant collection and you would like to make scionwood available to others in your state, province, or country, please e-mail a list of the species and varieties in your collection to me.  I will include it in KEJ#7.