“The Genus ACTINIDIA A World Monograph”


Cover image of “The Genus ACTINIDIA A World Monograph”

Originally printed in Chinese, the English version was released in 2014.  317 pages including many color photographs and maps, hardbound.  Available through several Internet booksellers.

This book is not for the Home Gardener.  It is however a “must have” for those of us who have been avid Actinidia Enthusiasts!

Included among the eight Chapters are the most recent Taxonomic revision with treatment of previously recognized Species reclassified in the revision, the 54 currently recognized Species with many color photographs showing characteristics of each Species, and the Natural Distribution of the Genus with maps showing the overlapping of Species within China.

I finished reading all but the last Chapter in September 2015 and only wish that it had been available 33 years ago when I first started growing Actinidia!

Enjoy,   “Kiwibob”

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